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Staff development is an integral part of any business’ success. Employers develop their employees in order to ensure that their businesses maintain and increase their competitiveness in the market place.

Effective people development consists of a clear plan to develop individual employees while at the same time ensuring that training programmes are effective.

Namtraining was therefore established in 2009 as part of the NamHR portfolio of services in order to assist employers with the provision of a training strategy and execution.

We at Namtraining provide the following services:

Service Description
Training strategy & policy We assist clients with their training strategy and policy. An effective training strategy and policy is always aligned with the employer’s business strategy.

The policy will specifically reference administration prescriptions, record keeping requirements, training need identification through needs analysis etc., measurements to be used, corrective action on training results, etc.

An effective training policy and the effective application thereof is paramount for businesses who are quality driven and who have accredited business or quality systems in place (HACCP, ISO, etc.).
Training plan Training plans are compiled, based on the training strategy, and specifically indicate which employees will go on what training & development interventions. The content of the plan is derived from business needs / strategy, individual development needs, etc.
Measurements Various elements of training needs to be measured in order to ensure that value is derived from training spend. Reactioners; knowledge assessments; behavioural change assessments; business impact measurement and ROI measurement.
Running a business today: RBT is a world renowned business simulation training intervention. It is totally adoptable to all areas and levels of the business and combines fun with interactive learning principles. This course runs between 2 to 4 days and provide learners with an in-depth knowledge of how the interactive parts of a business integrate with each other. The different variations of this course are recommended for all levels of the organization in order for all staff members to be cognisant of basic business principles.
Business Simulations:

A business simulation is an imitation of a real-life business situation. It is a simplified model of a business with built-in critical elements reflecting a real-life business. Participants' experience indirectly what happens to their real businesses when the same decisions are made. Real deep learning and understanding takes place when results are reflected upon. It provides a risk free learning environment for participants on all levels.


Basic Industrial relations: This course provides trainees with a better understanding of the business’ disciplinary and grievance process and includes relevant forms. This course runs over 1 day.
Other: NamTraining offers training and workshops on virtually all business aspects – specifically specialist areas as described in this NamHR website. Contact us with your training or workshop request at